• 9 Reasons Why Hillsboro, OR is the Best Location in the Pacific Northwest for your Data Center

Hillsboro, Oregon is home to one of the strongest network points in the Pacific Northwest, including one of the most advanced and comprehensive trans-Pacific fiber networks in the U.S. and comprehensive local connectivity. It also has more favorable tax incentives than states such as California or Washington.

Here's nine reasons why you should be considering Hillsboro, Oregon for your next data center if you aren't already: 

1. Low-latency access to APAC region

Multiple submarine cables connect across the Pacific Ocean to help deliver low-latency connections between the U.S. (Hillsboro, OR) and high-growth Asian markets.

2. Comprehensive local connectivity

Hillsboro, OR has a rich network infrastructure system. Hillsboro is directly connected to the ultra-high count fiber ring which joins all the major local data centers, businesses and cable landing stations.

3. Favorable tax incentives

Oregon has no sales tax and an Enterprise Zone Program. Oregon’s Enterprize Zone Program offers property tax abatement to data centers for up to five years that bring new facilities, equipment and employment to the zone.

4. Lower energy bills

Mild temperatures help reduce power usage. Hillsboro’s average temperature of 53°F will save you money on data center cooling when airside economization is used.

5. Get greener

100% renewable energy options available. Portland General Electric owns seven hydroelectric plants, two wind farms, and seven thermal plants.

6. Convenient location

Travel is easy within the United States and international locations. Portland International Airport (PDX) offers more than 250 daily direct flights to all major U.S. cities, and direct flights to many international destinations.

7. Total cost of ownership

Save up to $10,000,000 over 7 years on base rent and power in the Pacific Northwest when compared to other markets. In addition to favorable tax incentives, the Pacific Northwest market offers affordable power and low operational costs on areas like base rent.

8. Talented workforce

Compared to other lower cost data center markets, Hillsboro has much greater access to quality IT support staff. Compared to the U.S. average, Hillsboro has 3 to 5 times the concentration of engineering jobs and 2 times as many computer jobs. Technology Services is Hillsboro’s fastest growing trade sector industry — expanding jobs by 46% over the past 5 years.

9. NTT's Hillsboro, Oregon data center campus

Our brand-new 47-acre and 126MW Hillsboro Data Center campus is strategically located near Portland, Oregon—deep in the heart of a Pacific Northwest technology hub. It combines regional bonuses like a robust fiber network, reliable power, and favorable business tax incentives with NTT’s world-class data center expertise, services, and global platform.

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