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Edge data center pilot program

In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology and where latency and bandwidth issues can disrupt client experience or disable applications completely, edge data centers now offer resolution. Edge data centers are localized and compute data closer to the end-user and process data in real-time. Edge data centers are increasingly important to better enable new technologies around autonomous driving and IoT. In fact, they are critical to make sure these applications work safely, securely and reliably.

The Technology Experience Lab, part of the Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd., recognizes the importance of Edge Computing and we have initiated a containerized Edge Technology Experience Lab pilot program in Hattersheim, just outside of Frankfurt, Germany. With partners Schneider Electric and HUBER+SUHNER, this program offers exciting opportunities for companies to test new technologies in a Proof-of-Concept environment and drive their innovations closer to the edge.

Learn more in the video below and contact us if you are interested in participating in our edge data center initiatives in the Frankfurt region.

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