• Global Data Centers EMEA welcomes Nastasi Karaiskos

NTT Ltd.’s Global Data Centers division in EMEA is delighted to have welcomed Nastasi Karaiskos, as Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing in January. This is a strategic role for NTT’s Global Data Centers division, as we increase our data center footprint across the EMEA region, including new developments in the coming year in Spain, Germany, Austria, UK, and South Africa.

Nastasi joins NTT from Verizon, and before that Colt where he held senior executive positions, leading regional and global teams. Nastasi has spent 20 years in the industry growing new markets across ICT including networking, data centers and security.   

We have taken the opportunity to ask Nastasi about his thoughts on joining NTT, about this unusual year and his vision for the next few years for the ICT and data center market.

Nastasi Karaiskos:

"It is great to be here and to introduce myself and share my thoughts with colleagues, partners and clients.

Four weeks ago, I began my new journey as SVP Sales and Marketing EMEA at NTT’s Global Data Centers division. Since joining, I have been asked ‘Why NTT for Global Data Centers’? For me, it’s simple. NTT are the third largest data center company in the world and one of the biggest and most trusted ICT companies globally.

Looking back, 2020 was a challenging year on many fronts. The social and mental impact of not seeing friends and loved ones due to COVID-19 took its toll and continues to affect us in 2021. We have had to recalibrate our lives and balance personal and professional responsibilities, as our homes became a multi-functional office and school. And not always with optimal results...

At the same time, businesses started to rethink their IT strategies and resources to support a remote workforce. They have had to react quickly and depend more than ever on IT infrastructure and investments to not only remain competitive, but also, to simply survive.

Business has also developed an interesting foundation for opportunities - where technology could lead the way to help us do things differently to become more efficient and effective.

Emerging technologies showed us better ways to support society and communities to address important environmental issues, especially around sustainability and climate change. NTT’s focus on technology for good and making the world a better place was definitely important in attracting me to NTT and the EMEA data center division specifically.  

For the data center business, technology and investments are moving forward by necessity, with demand for data center capacity showing no signs of slowing down in 2021, particularly if an economic recovery spurs a broader push toward IT outsourcing solutions, including multi-cloud and third-party colocation.

NTT is prepared for this, as demonstrated by the 2020 activities of Global Data Centers EMEA where we opened new locations in cities such as London, Madrid and Johannesburg.

As I look forward to our upcoming fiscal year 2021, forecasts suggest the growth rate for cloud-based services will accelerate as hybrid, multi-cloud transitions take hold. Gartner estimates that the worldwide cloud services market (including IaaS, SaaS and PaaS) will grow at a 2-year CAGR of ~19% through 2022, from ~USD 258 billion today to USD 364 billion.

Using a rough estimate USD 1 billion of cloud revenue requires ~20 MWs of data center capacity - Gartner forecasts imply that cloud providers alone will have ~2.1 Gigawatts of incremental data center requirements in 2021 and 2022, the equivalent of over USD 100 billion of revenue.  Importantly, this addressable market is only around 50-60% of the entire data center ecosystem, as it does not include enterprise, content, social media, financial services, insurance, among other verticals.  At NTT, we are continuing to invest in order to support our clients as their demand grows.

Although there are uncertain times ahead of us, with vaccines being rolled out across Europe and around the world it shows that an end to the pandemic is in sight.

I look forward to the day where we can sit down together, face to face, without a computer screen separating us. Until that time, stay safe and best wishes for the year ahead."