• Inside a data center – What is it actually?

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There are many advantages associated with our colocation data centers. They provide higher security, reliable continued operation in the event of a crisis and are more sustainable than individually operated data centers. This is because we use our decades of global expertise to plan, build and operate data centers using our experience and the latest best practices. Our clients benefit from this by renting space in our data centers as a Colocation Rack, Dedicated Cage or Dedicated Suite. But what’s behind these terms?

  • Colocation Rack

    This is the entry level product in a colocation data center. The standardized racks are located in the open colocation area, are fully pre-installed and only need to be equipped with standard-sized IT systems. The racks are powered by redundant power supplies, have their own power distribution units (PDUs) and pre-installed connections. The racks can be booked with different power ratings between 3 and 10kW. The power supply is delivered via two separate networks and the racks are secured with individual access mechanisms. The access to the rack is either protected by key, keypad, or both.

  • Dedicated Cage

    A suite becomes individual cages by partitioning with secure steel grids. Although the area is smaller here, individuality is still a priority for Dedicated Cages. Cages are lockable and are equipped according to the client's requirements. As a rule, at least 10 racks with 3-8kW power each are operated in a locked cage. The area of a cage is at least 30m². The cages have an uninterruptible power supply with A and B connections. The cabling is located in the double industrial floor; sensitive smoke detection systems in combination with fire extinguishing systems protect the cage. Electricity consumption is billed separately. Access to the cage is exclusively reserved for the client and can be equipped with various access controls (mechanical, electronic and/or biometric). The cages are protected to prevent unauthorized people from climbing over or gaining access through the raised floor.

  • Dedicated Suite

    A Dedicated Suite for a client means they rent their own space. The space is bounded by solid, masonry walls and, in terms of fire protection, forms a separate fire-fighting section of fire resistance class F90. A Dedicated Suite has its own power supply, and electricity consumption is also billed separately. The supply lines are installed in such a way that they’re largely invisible to the client and are serviced by us outside the suite. This is an important requirement because access to the suite is reserved exclusively for the client. The client decides which type of access control (mechanical, electronic and/or biometric) is used to protect the suite. The IT area of the suites varies in each data center but, as a rule, Dedicated Suites have a minimum size of 300m². Together with our clients, we lay out the individual environment for the racks. As additional services, we offer the design and implementation of turnkey equipment with racks and security system.

Connectivity and flexibility

Common to all these offerings is the connectivity we provide in our data centers. Using pre-installed connections, our clients can quickly and easily access network and cloud providers with direct connections to internet nodes available in many of our data centers. We have 150 network partners and Gartner recognizes NTT as a Leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Network Services.

A big advantage is the flexibility of the offerings: You can start with a Colocation Rack and as your business grows and your IT needs increase you can simply switch to a cage.

How do you see your needs? What questions do you have about our products? We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact our data center experts by phone at +49 69 7801-2190, by email at dc.emea.sales@global.ntt or via the contact form.

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