• Johannesburg 1 Data Center Construction Updates

Stay up to date on the latest news and milestones from our new Johannesburg 1 Data Center currently under construction.

September 2021

Main entrance.

Electrical supply.

First floor data suites.

August 2021

Ground floor plant area.

Loading bay area.

Chiller platform east.

July 2021

First floor data suites.

Ground floor plant area.

Energy Center.

May 2021

First floor roof structure for the data suites.

80,000 liter diesel tank for the backup power to the site installed. In total, there are 6 diesel supply systems, with a total of 498,000 liters stored on site providing 76 hours of generator runtime.

April 2021

Generator rooms.

Transformer rooms.

Ground floor plant area.

Aerial view of Johannesburg 1’s construction zone.

January 2021

The first stage of our Johannesburg 1 Data Center construction has begun.

September 2020

Announcing NTT’s new data center expansion project in South Africa. The Johannesburg 1 Data Center design is based on tier 3 standards and will be constructed in two phases. When fully built it will deliver a total of 6,000 sqm of IT space and 12 MW of IT load. The first phase of the site is scheduled to become operational beginning of 2022. Learn more here or contact us for more information.