• Silicon Valley SV1 Virtual Grand Opening Q&A

Steve Lim, Senior VP of Product and Marketing, and Bruno Berti, VP of Product Management, sat down for a live Q&A during our Silicon Valley SV1 Data Center virtual opening event. Watch the video below for the entire Q&A, or check out a few top questions and answers listed below.



Q. What makes NTT's base isolation system unique in the Santa Clara market?
A. It was a big deal for us when we made the decision to enter the Santa Clara market in terms of what we were going to do to make sure that we had a different data center than everyone else in terms of earthquake protection. Fortunately, we had NTT behind us, and they had deployed these base isolation systems in their Japanese data centers, which actually survived quite a few earthquakes.

If you look at a traditional building in Santa Clara, because Santa Clara has code and jurisdictional dependencies on how buildings get built, they have to withstand an earthquake. Our base isolation video shows some of the bracing that's in the building, and then there are the deep pilings that the building has to be stabilized on to make sure it doesn't fall. It's intended to make sure that nobody dies or nothing happens inside the building during a seismic event. That's typically what most buildings are designed to, but we took that a step further and added two additional safety measures.

The video also talks about the pendulums, so all of our columns are mounted on one of those. There are 54 of them that the building is actually sitting on top of, and what that does is that separates the building itself from the ground. Then we've got viscous dampers that connect those two isolators together to slow the building movement from happening. So, instead of the building being able to move but still not collapse during an earthquake, our building is actually floating, allowing the ground and building to move independently. This technology has proven to work in some of the earthquakes that have happened in Japan, so we're very excited to have this system as one of the main features of this facility.

Q: Who are the primary targets for the Silicon Valley SV1 Data Center and how does NTT serve clients of different size and scale?
A: One thing that we think is a differentiator for us is that we really have a solution for all types of clients. We've got retail solutions, and by that, I mean we will sell colocation solutions for customers that are looking for a single rack or something like five to 10kW in a single rack. We've actually got current customers in Santa Clara who are deployed with that type of solution. We have retail solutions for customers that need multiple racks in a secured caged environment as well. We also have our wholesale products, even this market. Wholesale is a little different in that we provide space, and we do sell it in terms of kilowatts, but we'll sell it to clients that are looking for megawatt-type solutions. Our wholesale product starts at about 250 kilowatts but goes up to multi megawatts, and we work with clients to provide that flexibility so we can divvy up one of our vaults for either retail clients or wholesale. Then we've also got clients that are interested in taking up one of the whole floors. We call that our scale solution. The benefit of that is the client gets total control over security, the complete electrical system, and the cooling system if they take the entire data hall. 

The unique thing for us in Santa Clara is that we've got three floors of data center capacity and data center white space, and we can break up the solutions based on what the customers need. We really pride ourselves on the fact that we've got flexible solutions, and we really work with the clients to make sure that we have something that meets their needs.

Q: Can you talk about NTT's overall sustainability strategy?
A: This is an important topic for us at NTT. We've partnered with Silicon Valley Power, and they offer 100% green, 100% sustainable, 100% carbon-free solutions that we can take advantage of, so for power, there are a few options. We actually have our own in-house team that is looking at having different options available for customers beyond just what the utility provider offers. But every single one of our utility providers have options with us, through a partnership, to deliver 100% carbon-free or green sustainable power to the data center.

That's the first piece, but that's not the only piece that matters. One of the most important features with regards to what we're doing within our data center from a cooling perspective is the water loop. We are using a closed chilled water system, so we're not adding or using any water beyond what's in the initial charge of the loop, which is pretty important for us. We're not wasting any water at all within that environment. There's a lot of economization that's built into our air cooled chillers, so when we don't need to augment or cool the water further, we can leverage the free air or the free cooling capabilities that exist there. 

Q: What are some of the networking solutions and products NTT is offering at SV1?
A: The connectivity piece is always part of our design. We've got three entrance facilities into the building allowing carriers to come into multiple entrances and providing diversity from that perspective. We've got two Meet-Me-Rooms that are separate rooms dedicated for our service providers, as well as our telecommunications providers.

We have six telecommunications providers currently already popped within the data center - Bandwidth IG, Cogent, Comcast, Lumen, Silicon Valley Power, and Zayo. We're currently working with Megaport, our cloud connectivity partner, and they're building-in currently, as well as NTT, which has a breadth of networking services to bring in. I want to stress the fact that we're carrier neutral and make it easy for any of the carriers in the area. We have a whole team that's working with those carriers to make sure that we make it as easy as possible for them to come into the data center.

We understand that our clients need connectivity services; a data center without the ability to connect is nothing more than a big refrigerator. We do have some services that we offer under our umbrella. We have a blended internet product that we offer in all of our data centers, and we love our customers to take advantage of that blended internet. We make it easy by making it part of the colocation bill. Then we also have a Campus Connect product, which is really interconnecting all of our data centers, and we're evolving it onto an SD-WAN platform. Some of you have probably seen a press release that we sent out a week or two ago that as the global data centers division of NTT, we're launching a global data centers interconnect, or GDCI, product. That's going to be available in Santa Clara as well, which will interconnect the whole Global Data Centers platform together.

Q: What are current COVID-19 protocols and when will clients be able to tour the data centers in-person?
A: We're still currently under COVID-19 protocols, but we are open for business and love taking clients through our data centers. There are just a few extra precautions and steps required before we take customers, clients, and prospects through the data center, but we've already been giving in-person tours of our SV1 data center, and we're ready to do many more!


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