• Three reasons why IT outsourcing is a hot topic in the automotive industry

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The automotive industry in Germany has currently turned on the turbo. The switch to new, more sustainable powertrains is in full swing. But this is by no means the only change in the automotive industry. At the same time, we’re seeing more and more automotive companies outsourcing their IT infrastructure. Instead of building and operating their own data centers, they’re relying on external service providers and/or secure colocation data centers. What are the reasons for this?

  • Digitization makes high demands

    The upheaval in the automotive industry is by no means just about engines and car bodies. With the technological change in the vehicle, the entire production process is changing. For automotive manufacturers, this is an opportunity to use and implement new technologies directly. However, with state-of-the-art production controls, innovative measurement technology, digitized processes and innovative AI applications, data is generated everywhere that must be processed quickly and securely. The demands on IT departments are increasing rapidly, especially in the automotive industry.

  • Attacks on the IT infrastructure are on the rise

    Cyberattacks have become a real threat for companies today. Companies in the automotive industry are also frequently affected. In the process, the attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the consequences more and more far-reaching.

  • Environmental disasters in Europe

    Floods, landslides, fires – even in Europe, extreme weather conditions must now be expected with increasing frequency. At the same time, production depends directly on a functioning IT infrastructure. This makes it all the more important to align the IT strategy with fail-safety, redundancy and stability.

In Bavaria, the IT strategies of many of the automotive companies based there are being put to the test and we are often asked about the main advantages offered by a colocation data center like Munich 2.

An important advantage is availability of the data center. According to the strict categories of TÜV Süd, Munich 2 received an availability classification of 3 – with a tendency towards higher. In addition to the planning and implementation of the infrastructure, the certification also considers operational management and security processes.

Private, public or hybrid cloud scenarios are also an essential component of new IT strategies in the automotive industry. If a company's IT infrastructure is in a colocation data center, the connection to public cloud providers and carrier hubs is much quicker and easier. The Munich 2 site also scores points as a DE-CIX enabled site. All services of the world's leading internet node can be used directly from Munich 2.

The automotive industry is also focusing on sustainability. This is an area where we passionate and have invested heavily, particularly in Munich 2. You can read more about this in our recent blog article.

Are you looking for data center space in Munich? Let’s find out how we can support your business. We’re happy to discuss all options in person or on the phone. Please contact our data center experts at +49 69 7801-2110, by email to dc.emea.sales@global.ntt or via the contact form.

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