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There are many advantages associated with our colocation data centers. They provide higher security, reliable continued operation in the event of a crisis and are more sustainable than individually operated data centers. This is because we use our decades of global expertise to plan, build and...

John Eland
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The pandemic has caused a level of disruption that many organizations will not have witnessed before. To remain competitive, and enhance agility and resilience, businesses have accelerated digital transformation initiatives. In fact, McKinsey has claimed that companies have accelerated...

Shoieb Yunus

We live in a highly connected era. But what does that really mean? The science and deployment of fiber optics, which plays a basic role in today’s connectivity, can be hard to comprehend. Light, for instance, travels at ...

Bruno Berti
VA2 Data Center

Bruno Berti, VP of Product Management, joined a panel at the DatacenterDynamics event, Datacenter-as-a-Service, to discuss how the pandemic impacted customer requirements for data center space, how providers worked with customers preparing for unpredictable capacity limits due to the pandemic,...

Global Data Centers EMEA staff

London 1 Data Center is now open for business. A small, opening tour and photo call (with social distancing, of course) took place in December to commemorate the event. We also held a virtual event to showcase the data center along with a roundtable to discuss key data center and UK market...

FATH Mechatronics, peaq and NTT Global Data Centers EMEA

Data is the most valuable commodity of our time. It is the lifeblood of today’s business and commerce and this will only become more true. Humans created around 60 zettabytes of data in 2020 alone. By 2025 that figure will shoot up to 175 zettabytes. Where is all this data being stored? Data...

Vimal Kaw

From liquid cooling to lithium batteries, we take a look at some of the hottest technologies and trends that will change the way data centers are built or managed. Even as the data center industry continues to grow fast on the back of huge demand, the industry is known for its constant...

Global Data Centers staff

The London 1 Data Center continues to move forward as the fit-out progresses. Estimated time to open operations for LON1 is now summer 2020.   We are looking forward to having an additional footprint in London as we will interconnect with our five existing ...

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Our global platform is one of the largest in the world. NTT is recognized as a Leader by IDC in the Worldwide Colocation and Interconnection Services MarketScape, spanning more than 20 countries and regions including North America, Europe, Africa, India and APAC. As a neutral operator, we offer access to multiple cloud providers, a large variety of Internet Exchanges and telecommunication network providers including our own IPv6 compliant, tier-one global IP network. Our clients benefit from tailored infrastructure and experience consistent best practices in design and operations across all of our reliable, scalable and customizable data centers.


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