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Uwe Klotzki

The automotive industry in Germany has currently turned on the turbo. The switch to new, more sustainable powertrains is in full swing. But this is by no means the only change in the automotive industry. At the same time, we’re seeing more and more automotive companies outsourcing their IT...

  Every quarter fellow data center security personnel from across the industry, as well as members of the law enforcement community, gather to talk about new and emerging technologies and best-practices - and it’s hosted by Edward Ankers, Vice President of Corporate Security. These...

Toby Russell

London is one of the great global cities, with the headquarters for more than half of the FTSE 100, its global position also attracts businesses and people from all around the globe. This position has meant it has a distinctive need for both high-speed connectivity and a place to securely host...

Pierre-Olivier Vidon

Over the last few years, Spain, and more specifically, Madrid, has become a hotspot for hyperscalers, companies of all sizes and tech start-ups. What has been fueling this development? Promising external conditions As we all know, digitalization is a key topic in both, the consumer market...

Bernhard Gross

The favourable electricity costs, the good geographical location and the promising market – numerous cloud providers are currently attracted to the Vienna location. Overall, the range of cloud services is also becoming increasingly diverse and comprehensive in Austria. Even software providers,...

Uwe Klotzki

Data volumes are increasing worldwide, while at the same time natural resources are increasingly becoming limited and alternative cleaner energy generation sources need to be factored into how we as operate as a purposed-led business to counter the impacts of climate change as a sector. As a...

We recently joined experts from datacenterHawk and iland, a global cloud service provider, at the DatacenterDynamics Dallas TX1 data center event. One of the panel sessions focused on the future of colocation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) data center market, now the third-largest in...

Ben Stewart II

Being a responsible and active community member is critical to running an effective data center operation. It helps to ensure that we can provide a safe, secure and positive experience for our clients and their employees.  For example, at our data centers, we make it a priority to create...

Steve Lim

In many ways, the relationship between enterprise organizations and colocation data center providers looks very different today than even just a year-and-a-half ago. The COVID-19 pandemic didn't fundamentally cause these changes, but it certainly amplified several existing trends. Many of the...

Steve Lim
Silicon Valley SV1 MMR

Let's get one thing straight right out of the gate: there is no ‘cloud versus data center.’ It's a false dichotomy. The reality is that cloud and data centers are critical parts of the digital infrastructure. More than that, their relationship is one of symbiosis. Advances in data center...


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