• Campus Connect 2.0

Take Advantage of NTT Global Data Centers Americas Campus Connect 2.0

Service overview

Campus Connect 2.0 provides multi-site network connectivity within NTT Global Data Centers Americas sites, and offers network services, such as secure remote access and branch connectivity (via SSL VPN and SSL IPSec), unified threat management, and application acceleration.

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Features and Benefits

Multi-Site Connectivity

Users can establish connectivity between multiple data centers within the NTT GDC Americas campuses enabling clients to perform data replication, storage backup, and disaster recovery for business continuity.

Managed SD-WAN Service

NTT SD-WAN service platform provides flexible network connectivity options for enterprises with a rich suite of Internet security, remote access VPN, and application acceleration capabilities. This ensures high levels of network availability, performance, security and allows customers to transform their network architecture and improve the overall end-user experience.