• Dedicated Vaults and Private Suites

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Meeting your larger requirements 

Dedicated vaults or private suites are secured rooms within our high availability data centers and tailored to meet individual client specifications and layout requirements. These spaces are optimized for an organization's larger footprint deployment. Flexible power delivery configurations are available for maximum availability and cost-effectiveness. For cooling, there are dedicated and shared configurations providing both flexibility and performance. These areas can also include dedicated entrances, access controls, and electrical panels. With either vaults or suites, you can include dedicated Class A office space and take advantage of the common conference rooms, lounges, and work areas.


Dedicated fire protection zone, secured by walls  
Dedicated power distribution 
Fit-out according to individual requirements (floor plan, service levels, security services) 


Uninterruptable power supply (A- and B-power supply) 
HSSD – High Sensitivity Smoke Detector 
Fire extinguishing system


24/7 onsite support 
Installation and Pre-Cabling to your area

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