• Remote Hands

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Effectively extend the reach of your IT staff 

Our 24/7 Remote Hands service offers you the security and flexibility you need for managing your IT infrastructure. Our trained technicians are on-site to execute important IT tasks – fast and reliably. With our 24/7 Remote Hands service you keep your operational uptime at a maximum.

Optimize your IT management 

Our data centers provide a secure and highly protected environment. Once the hardware is set up you may not want to keep your own technician on-site. As a service provider, we carry out all core tasks of technical and infrastructural management for high-availability data centers. This not only includes technical management and maintenance, but also a range of on-site support services, with which we can support you from the relocation to the daily management of your spaces. 

Especially, when it comes to on-site actions it has proven to be helpful to make use of trained technicians on-site acting as your eyes and hands. They execute your regular maintenance tasks, support your every-day work, and support you with issue handling.   

24/7 Remote Hands services 

  • Visual check of equipment 
  • Power cycling of equipment 
  • Verifying power or patch connections 
  • Set-up patch connections 
  • Labeling of equipment 
  • Simple documentation task 
  • Media administration (tape, DVD, CD) 
  • Media change (tape, DVD, CD) 
  • Handling of ‘hot-plug’ components 


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