• Microsoft ExpressRoute

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Your direct access to Microsoft Azure Cloud

The requirements of companies are becoming more and more diverse: application programs need flexibly and independent of location, projects in the fields of artificial intelligence, block chain or Internet of Things require simple and scalable implementation – the list could be extended at will. Hybrid cloud infrastructures are proving to be particularly efficient. For many companies, Microsoft Azure is an important component for developing and using digital business processes and IoT applications.

Azure ExpressRoute provides direct access to Azure Cloud through private connections without using the public internet. Companies are thus given a direct connection from their IT environment in our data centers to Azure Cloud, benefit from low latency and can access the cloud via a secure connection with guaranteed bandwidth. This is an essential building block for building a powerful, hybrid cloud infrastructure.

As an Azure ExpressRoute partner, we offer you direct access to Microsoft Azure which allows our clients a secure and latency-optimized connection through our Global Network Fabric Platform. One of the ExpressRoute access points is located in our Berlin 1 Data Center.

The advantages of using Azure ExpressRoute via our Global Network Fabric Platform:

  • Direct, secure and fast virtual connection to the nearest Microsoft Cloud region
  • Low latency, high data throughput and flexible bandwidth between 50 Mbps and 10 Gbps
  • Redundant Layer 2 network infrastructure – flexible and scalable: clients retain full control over IP routing
  • Simple implementation of hybrid cloud concepts

We offer a virtual network environment with our Global Network Fabric Platform

The Global Network Fabric Platform is based on carrier ethernet technology and enables our clients to connect dynamically and cost-effectively to our interconnection eco-system. Through MSIP ports, flexible, transparent, private connections to Azure Cloud can be established using the our Cloud Connect service.

Overview of advantages of the Global Network Fabric Platform

  • Flexible – numerous connections
  • Cost-effective – all  virtual services via a single port
  • Scalable – ‘pay as you grow’; bandwidth as needed
  • Future-oriented – cutting edge services platform
  • High-performance – low latency


Contact us to request your individual offer and to establish a fast and easy direct connection between your IT systems and the Microsoft Cloud in our data center:

  • Book the service Azure ExpressRoute in your Microsoft Azure account
  • Select NTT as Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner
  • Order the Cloud Connect service from us