• Global Data Center Interconnect

Solving clients’ digital information challenges

Our proprietary Global Data Center Interconnect (GDCI) technology connects two or more data centers over any distance using a high-speed network link. This capability delivers private and secure connections between the data centers, as well as to cloud service providers, SaaS, network service providers and the enterprise, bypassing the public internet.

Our Global Data Center Interconnect provides a wide variety of sophisticated network services such as dedicated Layer 2 or Layer 3 virtual connections across all of our global data centers over one physical connection. Managed entirely by NTT Global Data Centers, this capability is based on a dedicated network infrastructure and doesn’t use the public internet for connectivity.

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Enterprise IT infrastructure has changed due to the convergence of computing, storage and networking. In today’s service-based economy, global enterprises anticipate highly-scalable, resilient and agile digital infrastructure to create new business lines. Organizations want the network connectivity to be easily scalable and offer cost-effective usage-based as-a-service models. There’s a wide range of applications that need network reliability, resiliency and agility at all times such as:

  • Business continuity (secure access, enterprise applications, cloud connectivity, web portals, point of sales). 
  • Real-time experiences (distant learning, messaging, remote collaboration, video streaming, video games, voice over IP). 
  • Instant order fulfillment (banking, financial trading, online shopping, ride-hailing, airline/hotel reservation systems, service/trouble ticketing). 



Our Global Data Center Interconnect facilitates the interconnectivity of our Global Data Centers in all three regions: the Americas, APAC and EMEA. Our platform helps businesses solve a wide range of complex connectivity issues over one physical connection. For instance:

  • Cloud connectivity: User can connect to a major cloud service provider (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM) for compute, storage, network and other services.
  • Cloud redundancy: Users can create cloud redundancy by connecting to a single cloud service provider, but connecting to two different cloud on-ramps.
  • Multicloud connectivity: Users can establish connectivity to more than one cloud service provider for different applications (such as compute and storage).
  • Connect to your own infrastructure: Users can create network connectivity between their distributed infrastructure deployed at our Global Data Centers for data backup/replication and disaster recovery.
  • B2B Private connectivity: Users can connect to their customers and partners within our global data center ecosystem.