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Complete data center design and build

We recognize that your data center environment's fit-out is a complex and critical phase of your lifecycle as an NTT client. At NTT, we provide NTT-badged fit-out professional services that combine years of experience in design and building large-scale deployments along with a transparent and efficient process to ensure success. Our offering includes:

In-house deployment teams

We staff our data centers with in-house, NTT-badged employees that design, build and manage every aspect of your fit-out process. With hundreds of successful large scale deployments under our belts, our team serves as a single point of contact for your design and infrastructure deployment needs.

Long-term relationships

Unlike external integrators or contractors, your NTT design and build team will stay with you for the life of our business relationship and will continue to assist with any ongoing design or build needs.

A direct line of sight

Our fit-out team can manage your entire deployment including racking, cabling, power, floor heights, containment and airflow, power and cooling and all associated project management and procurement. Your team will have zero degrees of separation from NTT and the work at hand.

Designs that meet your requirements

We can design a solution for you that balances your requirements with your space. Using our modular data center design and expert knowledge of our environment, we will design a solution that fits within your requirements so there are no surprises between what you expect and what we deliver.

Transparency in process and costs

No one likes surprises. We make every part of your fit-out process and related costs easy to manage and entirely transparent to you and your team. All net costs for hardware, construction and materials are detailed to you alongside our markup. Our customers know exactly what they are paying for every part of the fit-out project.

Smart commercial models

We take the long view with customers and offer the ability to amortize a portion or all of your build-out costs across the life of our relationship. Using an unbiased procurement approach, we include our client’s trusted vendors along with an inventory of experienced NTT global platform providers to multi-source all bids and assemble the most cost-effective and high-performing environment for our clients.

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