• Physical Security

Industry-leading technology and an in-house security team to keep your infrastructure and employees safe



100+ real-time security feeds

Utilize Avigilon H4 Fisheye Camera Line (360 degree field of view) which is the same security camera system used by the Pentagon. The system evaluates events in real-time and alerts security staff using pattern-based technology.


In-house security team

Typically the first human contact at a data center is with a security person. You want thoroughly vetted, full-time, professional security officers who are 100% vested in the company’s success. NTT employs an in-house security staff to secure this site 24X7X365.


Anti-tailgate revolving mantrap

NTT anti-tailgating revolving turnstiles to enter and exit the facility. The system’s sensors are programmed to send a signal to the controller when tailgating is detected. The controller then issues a rejection command when tailgating is detected. Annunciators within the turnstile will instruct the occupants what to do and alert security.



Anti-tailgate group mantrap

NTT anti-tailgating group mantrap to enter and exit the facility. The main entrance door to the security vestibule is only operable by a security team member which guarantees an interaction with security personnel.


Three levels of security authentication

  • Proximity - Badge (something you have)
  • PIN - Pin code (something you know)
  • Biometric - Contactless morphowave biometric readers (something you are)



Anti-climb cages

Our anti-climb cage material securely stores and protects client infrastructure. The small gaps in the material makes it nearly impossible to get any type of handhold or foothold.