• Secure Data Centers by Design

Building security into the data center to protect what matters most



Structural Reinforcement for Wind Loads

10" thick concrete exterior shell with structural reinforcement meets the 2009 International Building Code for wind loads.


A Building inside a Building

A building within-a-building design with 10" concrete structures for added security dividing office space and amenities from data vaults and mission-critical infrastructure. 


Backup Generators

Peace of mind knowing backup generators will run in the event of an outage.Our generators are monitored and maintained by our on site Critical Facilities Team.



Backup Batteries

Each facility is equipped with backup batteries to power the data center in the event of an outage or disaster. These batteries will sustain the facility load until the transition to generator power has been completed.


Earthquake resistant design by our base isolation system

Tokyo, where NTT is headquartered, experiences some of the most powerful earthquakes on the planet. That’s one of the reasons why NTT has dedicated much research and resources toward building seismically stable data centers that can protect clients’ mission-critical, sensitive equipment in the event of a strong earthquake. Now, NTT is bringing our proven construction model for earthquake-resistant data centers to Silicon Valley by building a four-story, 16MW data center in Santa Clara. The building will be set on a base isolation system that will be the first of its kind for data centers in the region.