NTT understands and embraces the digital transformation fueled by Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Blockchain and other disruptive technologies. As an NTT client, you’ll experience innovation through our full portfolio of technology solutions (including NTT’s Technology Experience Lab). We enable clients and partners to collaborate and thrive in the age of continuous digitization and disruption.


Global innovation

As an NTT client, you’ll have access to a robust global community of technology providers, industry thought leaders and partner companies that are connected across our global platform.

  • Leverage a rich ecosystem to drive private and hybrid cloud use cases jointly with partners and clients of all sizes
  • Share information via a regular series of webcasts, host and join bootcamps, meetups and hackathons
  • Gain access to NTT’s portfolio of solutions that span virtually all technology categories across the world


Technology Experience Lab

We bring together an industry-leading group of technology providers and partners along with the latest in data center technology through our Technology Experience Lab - providing you with a platform to test and innovate faster.

  • Quickly utilize existing or custom “Proof-of-Concepts” that align with your business goals while mitigating risk and the outlay of expensive resources
  • Test and validate your innovations in a real-world production environment and measure the impact on IT service delivery
  • The "Try-Before-you-Buy" concept makes for an attractive and convenient option for both prospects and existing NTT data center clients


Start-ups and VCs

Many times, start-ups are major drivers when it comes to disrupting various industries. As an NTT client, you can take advantage of our unique platform that brings together start-ups, corporates and venture capitalists to enable idea sharing and innovation.

  • Leverage NTT's global ecosystem of large enterprises, internal start-up and R&D units and many technology partners to drive the business world of tomorrow
  • Access NTT's VC division for support and funding of your disruptive technology solution whether you are an early stage start-up or an established entity
  • Collaborate and network across the innovation ecosystem to turn your ideas into reality


Innovation use cases

Our Technology Experience Lab supports a variety of use cases and applications that include:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Storage and Big Data
  • Network and Cybersecurity
  • Facility and Physical Security
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger
  • IoT and Robotics

See our library of use cases here.