• Internet Connect

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High-performance business internet access 

Companies are seeing a massive increase in the use of online collaboration tools, apps and IoT services. Real-time communication is critical to modern business. Internet Connect enables you to directly access the internet and you benefit from our direct high-performance interconnections with several tier 1-networks. Depending on your needs, you can choose a single service, a protected service (that includes a backup connection) or a fully redundant service with two active connections using BGP configuration. 

Beyond internet connectivity, we enable numerous connectivity services to meet your needs: dedicated access to public cloud providers, national and international carriers, as well as data center interconnects by using only one port on the platform. 

Internet Connect benefits:

  • Fully managed ISP service
  • Flexible bandwidth
  • Dedicated security
  • High service availability: up to 99.99%
  • Various redundancy options: active/backup with VRRP, active/active with dynamic routing (BGP)
  • IPv4 and native IPv6 support via dual-stack interface
  • Provider independent address support
  • Multiple routing options: static or BGP 

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