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Frankfurt has become the leading data center and colocation market in Germany and is one of the largest data center markets in Europe. Frankfurt is Germany’s financial capital, as well as a major financial center for continental Europe. Frankfurt is also a major tech hub, as the city is rich in fiber and is home to the DE-CIX, one of the world’s largest internet exchange points. The city is a vibrant start-up hub with a natural disposition for FinTech companies. The combination of old economy and new technology companies along with being a major connectivity hub, Frankfurt data centers provide services to hyperscalers and enterprises that continue their digital transformation. The city’s geographic location allows connections to Eastern and Western Europe, along with the Nordics and the Middle East (via Turkey), solidifying itself as a very important data center hub.

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At a glance

At a glance

Experience and trust

NTT's Global Data Centers has been a solid partner in Frankfurt’s evolution as one of Europe’s core digital infrastructure ecosystems, with the company supporting both German and multinational corporations’ colocation needs since 2000. We continue to reign as the Frankfurt market leader in terms of colocation space and Global Data Centers EMEA still has its headquarters in the area.

Innovate at Frankfurt 1 TEL

The Technology Experience Lab in Frankfurt 1 Data Center is where you can test new technologies and solutions within our production data center environment. Not only do we provide the infrastructure to validate your solutions, but also, we have a robust and collaborative partner network to contribute towards your initiative. We have pre-installed use cases or we can customize Proof-of-Concept trials with you - all with minimum risk and resource allocation to you as we help you drive your business forward.

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Interconnection in Frankfurt

All Frankfurt data centers are part of the NTT global data centers network and are strategically located to meet the specific connectivity needs of Frankfurt's finance, commerce, manufacturing and start-up economies. We are carrier-neutral and provide over 350 carriers from which to choose, with connectivity to the major carrier hubs, as well as to the DE-CIX.





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