• Frankfurt 2 Data Center

Franfurt 2 Data Center 

Flexible, secure and connected  

With up to 1,600 m² of IT space and a maximum IT load of 1.2 MW, Frankfurt 2 Data Center offers complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, high availability environment. We provide you with the best possible physical and technical infrastructure supported by N+1 UPS systems, generator backup, as well as highly redundant cooling systems. Frankfurt 2 holds multiple certifications such as DIN EN ISO 9001 and is connected to major carrier hubs and cloud networks, as well as to the DE-CIX.

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Frankfurt 2 overview

  • 1,600 m² of data center space
  • 1.2 MW of critical IT load
  • Fully-fitted colocation space and private suites
  • Multi Service Interconnection Platform
  • Cross Connects
  • 24/7 Remote Hands services

Take a look inside Frankfurt 2

Main entrance

  • Registration and visitor verification desk
  • In-house security staff to secure the site 24x7x365


  • Offices, storage space and pre-installation rooms
  • Common areas such as meeting rooms, catering area and showers

IT space

  • Fully-fitted: Colocation Rack, Carrier Rack, Dedicated Cage and Dedicated Suite
  • 24/7 Remote Hands services

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Frankfurt 2 specifications


  • Maximum client IT load of 1.2 MW
  • On-site substation delivering 3 MVA of power
  • Average power density 1.0 kW/sqm
  • Own medium-voltage feed from the European grid via local power supplier (3 x 1,000 kVA transformer station)
  • UPS N+1 redundant bridging time minimum 15 minutes battery at full load
  • Emergency generators (2 x 1,400 kVA) fuel storage for 48 hours


  • Service Operation Center for security and operation with 24/7 fallback to Frankfurt 1
  • Redundant monitoring of all critical functions underpinned by standardized security
  • Video surveillance systems for the external building facade and internal areas
  • Card swipe entry/exit to all doors and persons separation locks per data center building
  • Preventive risk assessment as well as continuous testing and training of operating personnel


  • Carrier-neutral
  • Carrier mix from global tier 1 supplier to regional supplier
  • Inter data center connectivity between NTT data centers for geo-redundant solutions
  • Multi Service Interconnection Platform to connect our clients to major cloud service providers


  • Redundant water-cooled system supported by free-cooling (N+1)
  • Cold air supply from »bottom to top« via raised floor
  • Star-shaped chilled water pipes to CRAH units with redundant pumps
  • Pipe routes run outside the data center space in the maintenance corridors, which are protected by tubs and equipped with leak detection

At a glance

At a glance

Experience in Germany

We have been building and operating data centers in Germany for over 20 years with Frankfurt acting as the initial headquarters of Global Data Centers EMEA. Frankfurt is one of Europe’s largest data center markets and we operate a total of four data center campuses throughout the area.



Serving Frankfurt

Frankfurt is regarded as Germany’s financial capital with also a promintent tech hub, as the city is rich in fiber and is home to the DE-CIX, one of the world’s largest internet exchange points. The Frankfurt 2 Data Center is located in the connectivity-rich area of east Frankfurt at Hanauer Landstrasse and is a DE-CIX-enabled site.

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