• Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center

Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center

With a total of 6MW of critical IT load capacity for IT equipment to 3,100m2 (equivalent to 1,200 racks) of server rooms, the new data center “Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center” will provide stable and high-availability services with redundant power, air-conditioning, communication facilities, disaster countermeasures, and extensive security based on the rigorous facility design to meet the Tier Ⅲ standards for data centers NTT has cultivated over the years on a global scale.

Ho Chi Minh City 1 Overview

  • 3,100 m² of IT space
  • 6 MW of critical IT load
  • Fully-fitted colocation rack, carrier rack, dedicated cage and dedicated suite
  • Shell and core areas available
  • Multi Service Interconnection Platform
  • Cross Connect

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Ho Chi Minh City 1 specifications


  • Maximum client IT load of 6 MW
  • Average power density of 1.2 kW/m2
  • Block redundant dual power system (A- and B- supply) with N+C redundancy per each IT vault
  • Redundantly designed emergency power system with block redundant diesel generators N+C for each IT vault


  • 24x7 Security Operations Center and Operation Control Center
  • Redundant monitoring of all critical functions underpinned by standardized security processes and the multilevel security zone principle, secures the rental area and the technical operation
  • Palisade fencing supported by a security perimeter fence to protect the campus
  • Video surveillance systems for the external perimeter, plant areas, and data halls


  • Carrier-neutral
  • Carrier mix from global tier 1 supplier to regional supplier
  • Inter data center connectivity between NTT data centers for geo-redundant solutions
  • Redundant Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms


  • Redundant water-cooled system 
  • CRAH units in the suites and technical rooms
  • Concurrently maintainable AHUs providing fresh air pressurization and humidity control to data suites
  • Cold aisle containment to support high densities and maximize efficiencies

At a glance

At a glance

Experience in Asia

NTT operates 98 data centers across the Asia Pacific region with 182,000 m2 of data center space (an additional 26,000 m2 under development). All data centers provide peace of mind and minimize risk through our long history of trust and financial stability. With the comprehensive NTT platform, we can deliver a variety of technology solutions in addition to our data center products - supporting our clients on multiple levels from one source.





Serving Ho Chi Minh City

The new data center “Ho Chi Minh City 1 Data Center” will be located in the Saigon Hi-Tech Park, a well-developed IT infrastructure in a highly accessible area 15 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City and the main center of IT and financial services.

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