At a Glance

London 1 Data Center

Building 1 Opening Autumn 2020
12,800 sqm of IT space and IT load of 36 MW

At a Glance

London 1 Data Center is located in Dagenham, in East London.  This is close to London’s Docklands, the UK’s internet hub, which serves as a backbone for a majority of the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) infrastructure. Interconnecting with five existing NTT data centers operating in Slough, west of London and Hemel Hempstead, north of London, together they will be an impressive networked operating platform that supports over 100 MW of IT load.


As your organization grows, we provide the space for this growth - up to 12,800 sqm of total IT space in phase 1; 25,600 sqm once London 1 is completely built.


Carrier-neutral with selection of tier 1 carriers and cloud service providers; inter DC connectivity between local NTT data centers and major carrier hubs.


IT load of 32MW in phase 1 for our clients; 6MW of IT load once London 1 is completely built.


London 1 will host a Technology Experience Lab where you can validate new technologies and platforms within a live production environment. 

Serving the London Market

We understand that every business - large and small - has its own unique needs and goals when it comes to their London-based data center infrastructure.

We have over 20 years of local experience and expertise in the UK market, and when combined with our worldwide connected platform and NTT’s portfolio of global technology solutions, we are an enabler of growth and innovation for our clients.

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