• Munich 2 Data Center

Munich 2 Data Center

With a total of 6,200 m² of IT space and a maximum of 30 MVA from two different off-site substations, Munich 2 offers complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, high availability environment. We provide you with the best possible physical and technical infrastructure supported by 2N UPS systems, generator backup, as well as highly redundant cooling systems. Munich 2 holds multiple certifications and is connected to major carrier hubs and cloud networks, as well as to the DE-CIX. To validate the latest technologies and innovations faster and at lower cost, our Technology Experience Labs provide the perfect hosted ecosystem within a live data center environment.

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Munich 2 overview

  • 6,200 m² of IT space in data center building A + B
  • 14 MW of critical IT load
  • Fully-fitted colocation space and private suites
  • Shell and core areas available
  • Multi Service Interconnection Platform
  • Cross Connects
  • Technology Experience Lab to test and validate new technologies

Take a look inside Munich 2

Main entrance

  • Registration and visitor verification desk
  • In-house security staff to secure the site 24x7x365


  • Offices, storage space and pre-installation rooms
  • Common areas such as meeting rooms and catering area

Technology Experience Lab

  • Validate the latest technologies and innovations faster and at lower cost
  • Our Technology Experience Labs provide the perfect hosted environment

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Munich 2 specifications


  • 14 MW of critical IT load
  • Off-site substation delivering 30 MVA of power
  • Two separate UPS (A- and B supply) with 2N redundancy
  • Redundancy designed emergency power systems with diesel generators N+1 per building
  • Average power density of 1.5 - 2.0 kW/sqm


  • Service Control Center for security and operations with 24/7 fallback to Frankfurt 1
  • Redundant monitoring of all critical functions and areas
  • Video surveillance systems for external perimeter and data halls
  • Multifactor identification and multi-level security zones


  • Carrier-neutral data center campus
  • Carrier mix from global tier 1 suppliers to regional suppliers
  • Multi Service Interconnection Platform to connect to major cloud service providers
  • Inter data center connectivity between NTT data centers for geo-redundant solutions


  • High efficient chiller systems
  • CRAH units in suites and technical buildings
  • Additional ground water cooling for building A
  • Cold aisle containment to support high densities and maximize efficiencies

At a glance

At a glance

Experience in Germany

We have over 20 years of local experience and expertise in the German market with roots in Munich and Frankfurt where we operated under the e-shelter brand. Today, we continue to enable growth and innovation for our German clients as part of the Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd., which is comprised of a larger and strategically connected platform of 160+ data centers from around the world.




Serving the Munich area

The Munich 2 Data Center is located approximately 30 km north of the city center in the town of Unterschleissheim and is interconnected to our nearby Munich 1 Data Center. Munich 2 offers a wide range of flexible colocation solutions and connectivity services to many organizations - from the region’s large industrial and manufacturing base to new economy technology companies and start-ups.

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