NTT to expand North American data center portfolio
Virginia, USA , June 14 2022 Details

NTT opens its first data center in Spain
Hattersheim, Germany/Madrid, Spain, May 24 2022 Details

NTT Ltd. launches new hyperscale data center park in Navi Mumbai
Mumbai, India, May 5 2022 Details

NTT and Macquarie Asset Management to enter into strategic real estate partnership for data centers
London, UK, April 1 2022 Details

NTT Launches Hyperscale Data Center in Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia, April 1 2022 Details

NTT and QD.TEK will establish a joint venture to develop a new Data Center in Ho Chi Minh city
March 29 2022 Details

NTT adds 7th data center site – with further planned investments to expand to 120+MW capacity in London
London, UK, February 23 2022 Details

NTT expands its data center footprint by 20%
London, UK, September 1 2021 Details

NTT to build seventh U.S. data center campus in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona, August 17 2021 Details

NTT launches new Global Data Center Interconnect network service for optimizing hybrid cloud environments
Tokyo, June 2, 2021 Details

NTT Cyberjaya 5 Data Center receives certifications from Uptime Institute and Telecommunications Industry Association
Cyberjaya, April 28, 2021 Details

NTT expands U.S. data center footprint with opening of new Silicon Valley Data Center
Silicon Valley, California, April 13, 2021 Details

NTT establishes its Bangkok 2 Data Center as an international network exchange hub
Bangkok, March 24, 2021 Details

NTT opens two new data centers in Illinois and Oregon
Chicago, February 23, 2021 Details

NTT launches fifth data center in Malaysia
Cyberjaya, February 3, 2021 Details

NTT triples UK data center footprint with opening of London 1 Data Center
London, December 14, 2020 Details

NTT expands its data center footprint in the Berlin market with two great projects
Hattersheim/Berlin, December 11, 2020 Details

Extended interconnection in NTT's Munich 2 Data Center
Hattersheim/Munich, November 18, 2020 Details

NTT expands its global presence with the construction of a data center in Spain
Hattersheim/Madrid, November 12, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. expands its hyperscale data center footprint in India
Mumbai, September 30, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. announces new data center expansion project in South Africa
Johannesburg, September 28, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. further expands its data center footprint in the UK
Hemel Hempstead/London, September 3, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. strengthens its partnership with Megaport to support hybrid and multi-cloud strategies in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, August 31, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. expands data center coverage around the world
London, August 18, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. reflects on one extraordinary year in business
London, July 1, 2020 Details

NTT Ltd. announces access to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute at NTT’s Berlin 1 Data Center
Hattersheim/Berlin, June 29, 2020 Details