• Partner: MADANA

MADANA is a Berlin based cybersecurity Start Up focused on the emerging cybersecurity trend – Confidential Computing. MADANA has developed a proprietary and patented Confidential Computing solution which will be made ready for release at the start of 2021. We aim to provide the most user friendly, powerful and flexible solution on the market in collaboration with NTT and Intel. 

Confidential Computing isolates sensitive data in a protected CPU enclave during processing. The contents of the enclave - the data being processed, and the techniques used to process it - are accessible only to authorized programming code, and invisible and unknowable to anything or anyone else, including the cloud provider. Our solution provides greater assurance to companies that their data in the cloud is protected and confidential, and enables the migration of more sensitive data and computing workloads to cloud hosted services. This enables companies who were previously restricted in their use of cloud computing to take full advantage of the cost and scalability benefits associated with it.

MADANA use cases

Network & Cyber Security