• Partner: peaq

peaq is a Berlin based deep-tech company developing decentralized infrastructure for the Economy of Things. peaq is one of the only end-to-end blockchain development companies in Europe, developing everything from their next-generation DAGchain infrastructure through to industry solutions. Their technology allows devices, sensors, vehicles and machines to autonomously trade data in real time - transforming the Internet of Things into the Economy of Things.

peaq’s novel Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the DAGchain, is a high-performance DAG-blockchain hybrid designed specifically for the Economy of Things. It is built to exceed industry requirements for speed, scalability, predictability, decentralization and consistency. peaq’s technology powers their platforms and their platforms empower companies to build, govern and maintain the infrastructure they use - solving fragmentation, trust, scaling and interoperability issues. They enable new, efficiency-enhancing business models, allowing companies to monetize the value they create autonomously, instantly and on their own terms.

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