• Quantum computing in finance

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Quantum readiness for commercial deployment and applications

Quantum technology is a way to provide new paradigms of information processing in quantitative and computational finance. Companies and organizations around the globe are heavily investing in research and development to find ways on how to use the technology commercially and economically.

The following whitepaper reflects applications in finance in the context of quantum software, quantum hardware and what data centers need to host both. Learn more about:

  • What is quantum computing?
  • Which problems can be solved with quantum computing in finance?
  • How does quantum computing hardware look like?
  • How to get started using quantum computing?
  • What impact does quantum computing have on colocation data centers?

The alliance formed to evaluate the topic and to deliver valuable insights, consists of the quantum computing company JoS QUANTUM, the experienced IT service integrator SVA, the innovative and scalable quantum computer ‘managed service provider’ AQT, and NTT with expertise in data center infrastructure and connectivity.

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