• Remote Hands and Eyes

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Providing unlimited support for your technical infrastructure

Why send your valuable staff to the data center to perform tasks that can be easily handled by our dedicated staff – 24x7? You can rely on our trained experts to be your on-site hands, eyes, and ears – without worrying about budget or time constraints. Our simple pricing model allows you to utilize our highly skilled staff through an on-demand or scheduled basis. The unlimited remote hands and eyes service removes the headache of staffing personnel, as well as eliminating after-hours on-site needs for your infrastructure.

24x7 Remote Hands and Eyes services 

On-demand services available:

  • Cycling power on your equipment.
  • Visual equipment checks.
  • Attaching monitor, keyboard, mouse, or consoles to equipment.
  • Replacing your hardware components with spares/upgrades.
  • Changing labeled cables.
  • Rotations of your label media (tapes, CDs).
  • Loading of media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, or USB media).
  • Troubleshooting of physical ports.
  • Entering commands according to your detailed instructions and relaying system responses.
  • Executing built-in diagnostics according to your instructions.
  • Perform other tasks requiring a similar skill level where immediate action is required.

Scheduled services available:

  • Upgrading disk drive capacity by installing new or additional drives.
  • Installing newly received equipment under specific instructions.
  • Adding memory cards.
  • Configuring routers, switches, and other network equipment under specific instructions.
  • Equipment inventory and labeling.
  • Cross connect inventory and labeling.
  • Support during planned, routine-style maintenance activities.
  • Cage/Environment temperature analysis including thermal scans of the environment or equipment in question.
  • Equipment rack and stack of incremental equipment that requires no more than two engineers and no project management, not to exceed 4 hours in a single day.
  • Perform other tasks requiring a similar skill level and duration where the activity can be scheduled between you and our team in less than 4 hours.