• Robotizing Data Centers

Robotizing Data Centers

Data Centers form the backbone of our global economy. As data consumption continues to grow, data centers are responsible for processing more information, keeping client operations running, and reducing latency to keep end-users satisfied. Consequently, as an IDC Study into Data Center Trends 2019 reported, the smooth functioning of data center infrastructure is very important. In order to continuously optimize operations and provide the highest levels of client service, data centers are looking to automate processes through robotics.

NTT Ltd. started the Robotizing Data Centers project with ten committed partner companies. In our pilot project, robots are being trained to take on central tasks in the data center autonomously and reliably. Robotizing Data Centers, an innovation project from NTT Ltd.’s Global Data Centers division, has produced a white paper that describes these initiatives. Download the whitepaper below to learn more about these exciting developments within our data centers.