• Automatic Infrastructure Management


CommScope’s imVision Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution provides actionable insights into the network’s complex, interdependent physical layer as well as the myriad of active devices connected to it. It documents automatically all changes and generates electronic work orders to automate processes. imVision also increases the security of the network by generating alerts to unauthorized or unplanned changes. Through customized reports it is easy to optimize the network by identifying unused IT assets available for reuse. APIs also enable the integration of AIM into Network Management Systems (NMS).

Customer values/problems solved

  • Optimizing the utilization of the physical layer with real time data and automatic documentation of all changes: The AIM reveals all components to show you where you can get more from the infrastructure you already have – e.g. recognize and use your idle ports.
  • Increasing availability by automatization: imVision is minimizing human error and network downtime with electronic work orders. All changes are automatically fully documented which enables fast root cause analysis in the event of a network failure.
  • It makes the network more secure by generating alerts to unauthorized or unplanned changes and it is optimizing efficiency with real-time management of the physical layer.


  • CommScope imVision
  • Systimax structured cabling