• Connected Freight Wagon


Networking machines, equipment and other products is already a reality in many industries today. The ability to gather, monitor and control data remotely brings many new opportunities businesses want to leverage. The Technology Experience Lab demo "Connected Freight Wagon" gives an insight into the possibilities of networking, in this case freight wagon companies. The collection of data by means of energy self-sufficient hardware allows maximum flexibility. These built-in sensors send data to the connected A1 Digital IoT Platform. Dashboards and visualizations then allow the customer to view the collected data. Based on predefined rules, alarms can be set or reports drawn. Furthermore, it is also possible to transfer this data directly into existing enterprise systems, such as an ERP.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Tracking: The solution makes it possible to determine the exact location of each freight car and to track the freight car in order to use it optimally
  • Load weight: The solution allows to determine the load weight of a freight car and to set alarms in case of overcharge to avoid problems during transport
  • Acceleration: The solution makes it possible to detect the acceleration measured train by train and standstill
  • Services: The solution makes it possible to document the installation of the hardware in order to intervene quickly in case of errors / problems
  • Outlook: Detection of track and turnout characteristics while driving to optimize the planning of service on track tracks


  • Hardware (energy self-sufficient, sensors for measuring load weight, km, accretion, temperature, humidity, etc)
  • Radio networking by mobile radio
  • IoT Platform
  • Application for visualization