• Container Management for a Multi-Cloud World


Cisco Container Platform is a fully curated, lightweight container management platform for production-grade environments, powered by Kubernetes, and delivered with Cisco enterprise-class support. It reduces the complexity of configuring, deploying, securing, scaling and managing containers via automation coupled with Cisco’s best practices for security and networking. Cisco Container Platform is built with an open architecture using open source components, so you're not locked in to any single vendor. It works across both on-premises and public cloud environments. 

Customer values/problems solved

  • Preselected and Cisco TAC supported - CNCF backed open source projects are integrated from the start to take the challenge of selecting the components required to make a production-ready Kubernetes cluster
  • Native, upstream Kubernetes provides the basis for any containerised workload
  • Includes add-ons for monitoring, logging, service-mesh with more to come
  • Multiple options for CNIs/CSIs provide multiple easy options to integrate containers into existing, or greenfield environments
  • GPU Support to drive AI/ML Workloads


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Istio + Envoy
  • Prometheus + Grafana
  • Calico, Contiv, ACI-CNI
  • Elasticsearch + Fluentd + Kibana