• DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor management


In a multi-vendor environment for broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile operations, monitoring, control and resource scheduling of several equipment is mission critical. Operators must be enabled to provision, monitor, control, troubleshoot and book/schedule device’s resources efficiently and reliably.

For this purpose, the Skyline DataMiner network management and OSS solution provides the necessary set of functions. A flexible GUI approach, including dashboard features and combined with a powerful web GUI, visualizes every required information. A set of drivers provides interaction with thousands of different device types via several protocols such as SNMP, IIOP, REST, etc..

Monitoring and alarming, including features such as alarm trending, correlation and prediction, service-oriented combination of alarms are of course central functions. Nevertheless, advanced features such as automation and scripting for various device’s control tasks, scheduling and resource booking, as well as the possibility to link everything to an inventory and asset management dabase, completes the options with regard to integrated overall operations.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Avoid the forest of different vendor’s legacy GUIs and interfaces by vendor and technology independent overall integrated network management
  • Introduce own GUI strategies and common look and feel by flexible GUI approach including the options of self-designed views, diagrams, dashboards etc.
  • Integrate all automation tasks into a common environment
  • Manage device’s operational times by integrating them into booking and schedule planning (e.g. “video encoding profiles” to be adapted several times a day)


  • DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor management and OSS solution for broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry
  • Dimension Data VCCAP / ETSI NFV
  • Microsoft Windows Server, XML, C#