• Digital Transformation for FinTech


A major European bank was facing compliance requirements with crippling fines/potential shuttering consequences and competition that was eating up the majority of new banking customers. The challenges included the following:

New banking regulations requiring transaction completion time of five seconds and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
Neobanks (built in the cloud) are gaining market share through mobile app engagement with millennials / Gen Z
Mobile application development best practices include the ability to release code up to 4x/day (~1500/yr)

NTT Ltd. helped the bank on their transformation journey by introducing DevOps processes, containerizing applications, and automating CI/CD pipelines. By combining this with a rearchitected infrastructure which delivers granular control, high levels of automation, and the ability to scale quickly the following outcomes were delivered.

Customer values/problems solved

  • 10 minutes to 5 seconds or less guaranteed - Met regulations to avoid losing banking license – Scale out architecture delivers guaranteed and predictable performance across the full stack
  • 6x per year to 1200+ per year – Code releases to enable the bank to develop and maintain mobile banking applications to compete for new banking customers – Automation-focused redesign of platforms, processes and routines
  • 12x – New customer acquisition rate increase – Bank increases new customer acquisition maintains relevance in a changing market competing with neobanks


  • NetApp SolidFire
  • NetApp HCI
  • Full Stack Virtualization, Softwaredefined Storage, Kubernetes, Automation, Monitoring