• Digitalization of a whole sports event


As a primary technology partner for the Tour de France, a guiding principle of our technical solution was to deliver the business outcomes set out by the race owners, Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.). Our goal was to deliver these outcomes in the unique environment of the race and at the same time deliver more data insights than we did in the previous year’s race.

With a multitude of data – collected by each rider’s sensor and processed in real-time – harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), and creating a platform for this, underpinned the overall strategy for the race. This includes a dual transmission network, defined data segregation, as well as a process for filtering and data analytics.

Customer values/problems solved

2015 – Making data available: live tracking of all riders, real-time data analytics, real-time data for broadcast, live tracking website
2016 – Telling great stories with data: commentators app, enriched data analytics, full race website, @letourdata insights and innovation in visualisation, enhanced live tracking
2017 – Using data to predict likely outcomes: machine learning and predictive analytics, animated data visualisations, enriched social media content, enhanced websites
2018 – Taking data analytics to the broadcast: live gradient, live elevation gained, virtual general classification, maximum speed on descent of group, 3D mapping and virtual fly through
2019 – The most data-rich Tour de France in history: using animation, enhanced analytics and machine-learning, and augmented reality to bring our data storytelling to life


  • IoT platform with data ingestion, outputs, and integration, data aggregation and filtering, analysis
  • Machine learning, big data, cloud, cloud-based servicesn networking
  • Transmission networks, shielding, redundancy