• Ecostruxure Building Advisor


Building owners, operators, and facility managers face a daunting task – keeping operations running smoothly while adapting to many obstacles, including changing priorities, reduced facility staff, lower operating budgets, and more. EcoStruxure Building Advisor is a suite of analytic and monitoring services that unlocks the operational performance of Building Management Systems so you can run your buildings more efficiently. Building Advisor gives you the ability to monitor your entire building portfolio or look at specific diagnostic detail so you can make active data-driven decisions supported by a remote team of experts. By continuously monitoring and identifying inefficiencies and faults, you can proactively resolve issues before they become costly maintenance problems.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Achieve optimal equipment performance and reduce unscheduled maintenance by identifying equipment issues before they become problems
  • Plan your maintenance activities based on facts and structured ROI information
  • Identify avoidable energy cots with detailed reports that uncover opportunities to reduce consumption
  • Reduce occupant complaints by maintaining a more consistent environment and proactively reducing equipment failure
  • Get peace of mind with an extended team that collaborates with your maintenance teams and helps monitor your building performance


  • Cloud based platform
  • Asset specific analytics
  • Automated fault detection and diagnostics
  • Mobile and tablet application
  • Remote technical support with service experts