• Facial recognition biometrics


We have relied on the algorithms of our partners' different solutions to obtain and process customer biometric data in order to deliver streamlined journeys that create a more frictionless experience whilst ensuring compliance with security and regulatory requirements. These journeys look at speeding up the check in process of registered customers into the system's branches -creating an automatic confirmation of appointments for agents and prompting welcome guidance for customers-, storing customers' picture for a more personalized experience in the physical spaces. In digital platforms, we are able to create faster, safer and more relevant on-boarding and acquisition processes to new products and services for the customers.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Optimises tasks, queues and resources in Branch daily activities.
  • Facilitates more personalized attention, creating more engagement with customers.
  • Agility in the application and appointment confirmation processes.
  • Simpler, quicker, more reliable and secure onboarding and signing up processes.


  • Node
  • HTML and CSS
  • Angular
  • Mongo
  • Azure Cloud
  • WebSocket