• Fully automated network function testing for 4G and 5G


Xantaro Infrastructure Testing Automation is an innovative approach engineered by Xantaro to qualify and ensure network functionalities. The solution is based on Juniper Networks Contrail Cloud, combining a carrier-grade Openstack distribution with Juniper Networks Contrail Network SDN. It allows the creation of test environments based on classic vRouters, smartNIC accelerated vRouters, as well as smartNIC accelerated vRouter combined with an user space virtio-forwarder in order to gain highest hardware independence. Using the technologies of our key partner Ixia, we are able to verify base performance characteristics of a telco cloud, and test protocol compliance for 4G / 5G NSA or rather 5G SA solutions for compliance.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Get your network function tested before you buy
  • Try different network acceleration solutions for the best CapEx / OpEx point
  • Never again deploy an update with a regression in it
  • Use our CI/CD Blueprint to accelerate your deployments


  • Juniper Networks Telco Cloud
  • Juniper Networks Contrail
  • Ixia Cloud Peak
  • Ixia IxLoad
  • Ixia SuiteStore
  • Netronome Agillo