• HPE Synergy – The Hybrid IT Platform of Choice


A single intelligent physical infrastructure that combines compute, storage, and fabric so all resources are instantly available to run any application. HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure of physical and virtual pools of compute, storage, and fabric resources, and a single management interface that allows IT to instantly assemble and re-assemble resources in any configuration. IT can manage, assemble and scale resources on demand by using the Synergy Frame with an embedded management solution.  As the foundation for new and traditional styles of business infrastructure, HPE Synergy eliminates hardware and operational complexity so IT can deliver infrastructure to applications faster and with greater precision and flexibility.

Customer values/problems solved

• One infrastructure for any workload, combine old workloads with new IT demands
• Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale, but keep data governance in-house
• Automate everyday operations and focus on the Core of your IT
• Develop apps faster and smarter
• Combine compute, storage and fabric for easier administration


• Private Cloud
• Hybrid Cloud
• Composable Infrastructure
• Containerization
• Virtualization