• KumoScale™ storage software


KumoScale™ storage software suite implements a fast, networked block storage service based on the NVMe-oF™ (NVMe™ over Fabrics) standard. Focused on speed, scale and very low cost, KumoScale software delivers the efficiency and flexibility of a shared, clustered storage pool at the performance of NVMe flash.

KumoScale Key Features:

  • Born in the cloud – Integrated with Kubernetes®, Ansible®, Graphite™ and other cloud-native infrastructure software
  • Any platform – Runs on standard x86-based (including AMD-based) storage platforms
  • Any network – Supports RDMA for highest network performance and TCP/IP for broadest network compatibility
  • Open – Works with standards-compliant NVMe-oF initiator and NVMe drives.
  • Resilient – Cross-domain volume replication for legacy applications; simple volumes for cloud-native applications
  • Analytics-driven provisioning – Based on storage classes, QoS and telemetry data

Customer values/problems solved

  • Save storage CapEx with better flash capacity utilization
  • Increase revenue agility by rapidly adapting stateful workloads during demand peaks
  • Customize storage performance for each application based on its specific requirements
  • Significantly improves query performance for OLTP and analytics databases
  • Simplify procurement and maintenance by consolidating server SKUs
  • Enable stateful applications to be efficiently load-balanced and elastically scaled
  • Perform the same work with fewer compute nodes by blending workloads and eliminating stranded resources
  • Accelerate decision making through faster ingest and analysis


  • KIOXIA Enterprise NVMe SSD
  • NVMe Over RDMA / NVMe Over TCP
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenStack
  • Ansible
  • Graphite/Prometheus