• Managing critical infrastructures


Infosim’s StableNet solution provides an automated service fulfillment and service assurance solution for telcos, service providers and enterprises. Cause of two different versions, ‘telco’ and ‘enterprise’ it address nearly all current technical challenges and customer infrastructures as well. A service oriented architecture (SOA) satisfy all management domains like fault-, performance-, config- and inventory management as well as additional like reporting, vulnearability or backups. One of most advantage is getting one solution for all your needs and listed domains. It’s supported and developed by just one team, so it assured great leverage and benefits like reduced network traffic, reduce investment into silo-style applications, smoother transition and ability to integrate while protecting existing investments.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Traditional OSS systems are often sticked together through several historical disjunct products despite of one label or one name. It’s an attempt to satisfy all customer needs with moderate or low success. With StableNet you will get an all-in-one solution with unified concepts and technologies through all layers. Database storage, internal and external interfacing, GUI and frontends are highly integrated and aligned to each other. Not every domain feels like a separate product.
  • Historical growing of infrastructure extends your needs and as side effects a lot of ‘tools’ have been born. During pass of time you’re not able anymore to administrate you ‘tools’ and environment. StableNet replace such a tool zoo – you will get everything out of one hand.


  • Infosim StableNet
  • OSS / BSS