• Migrate to Cloud with Red Hat OpenStack and Lenovo


Lenovo industry leading servers and Red Hat OpenStack Platform provide solutions that help companies build the right infrastructures for the right workloads. IT organizations can create agile and cost-effective cloud infrastructures for traditional workloads, massively scalable public-cloud-like infrastructures for cloud-enabled applications or both. Organizations want responsive and manageable IT infrastructures that can help them improve productivity, reduce complexity, and support the increasing demands that are placed on the business. Many enterprises are moving to cloud-enabled workloads. These applications are deployed across multiple virtual machines (VMs) and even across datacenters, accelerating development and updates and helping companies gain competitive advantage. OpenStack provides infrastructure and management capabilities for system-wide resources. OpenStack is intended for cloud-enabled workloads that require applications to be architected to use compute, storage, and network resources in concert.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Consolidated and fully integrated hardware resources with balanced workloads for compute, network, and storage.
  • An aggregation of compute and storage hardware, which delivers a single, virtualized resource pool customizable to different compute and storage ratios to meet the requirements of various solutions.
  • Ease of scaling (vertical and horizontal) based on business requirements. Compute and storage resources can be extended at runtime.
  • Elimination of single points of failure in every layer by delivering continuous access to virtual machines (VMs).
  • Rapid OpenStack cloud deployment, including updates, patches, security, and usability enhancements with enterprise-level support from Red Hat and Lenovo.


  • Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers
  • Lenovo Networking Switches
  • Lenovo XClarity Management
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Red Hat Ceph
  • Red Hat CloudForms