• OpenStack Red Hat


OpenStack is a combination of open source tools (known as projects) that use pooled virtual resources to build and manage private and public clouds. Six of these projects handle the core cloud-computing services of compute, networking, storage, identity, and image services, while more than a dozen optional projects can be bundled together to create unique, deployable clouds.

Think about it like this. In virtualization, resources such as storage, CPU, and RAM are abstracted from a variety of vendor-specific programs and split by a hypervisor before being distributed as needed. OpenStack uses a consistent set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to abstract those virtual resources 1 step further into discrete pools used to power standard cloud computing tools that administrators and users interact with directly.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Development cloud
  • General compute and storage cloud
  • Hosting/service provider cloud
  • Network function virtualization


  • VMware vSphere
  • NetApp ONTAP
  • Virtual Storage Console