• Protect your business when a disaster happens


In today’s always-on global world, you need to protect and quickly recover your data in the event of damaging natural or human-made events. You also need to maximize investments and get the most out of your IT infrastructure. An effective disaster recovery strategy is vital to prevent your operations from being brought to a standstill, resulting in lost productivity, reputation, and revenue. But being able to reuse your DR facility for business intelligence or development and testing can turn your disaster recovery solution into a business accelerator. With connection to a Hyperscaler, your data can also processed with Compute Instance from them to scale up your business.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Business continuity w/o investment in a second datacenter
  • Back to business in hours not days
  • Turn DR infrastructure into business value
  • Reduced network bandwidth requirements
  • Your choice of CAPEX and OPEX for the DR site use your own equipment @NTT or resources in the public cloud


  • ONTAP Cloud
  • pp FAS
  • SnapCenter
  • SnapMirror