• Public Key Infrastructure with PrimeKey PKI


Public Key Infrastructure (or PKI) is largely about managing secure digital communication, to find a way to know who is who when sharing information. Otherwise, how can anyone be certain of the identities of obscure parties? Customers need to decide and grant different individuals' access and rights within, and occasionally, outside the organization. And he needs to keep track of every single level of trust amongst network elements, co-workers and business associates, or any other end entity. PrimeKey’s extendable PKI covers all demands for authentication efficiently and reliably. Today and tomorrow.

Customer values/problems solved

  • PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise PKI is an open source IT-security software for Certificate Issuance and Certificate Management.
  • PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise protects your data, allowing you to provide safe digital communication when needed.
  • Extremely flexible, EJBCA Enterprise is used for most imaginable PKI use cases.
  • PKI software for any organization that needs to manage and operate its own serious, in-house PKI.
  • Deployable in the customer’s own organization, EJBCA Enterprise gives him full control of everything he does.


  • Dimension Data VCCAP
  • Dimension Data VCCAP / ETSI NFV
  • Gemalto Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Maria DB
  • PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise Edition Software
  • PrimeKey PKI Appliance
  • RedHat jboss EAP