• Run Microsoft Azure services in your data center


The Cisco® Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack enables your organization to access development tools, data repositories, and related Azure services to reinvent your applications and gain new information from your secured data. Azure Stack provides the same APIs and user interface as the Azure public cloud. The Integrated System enables your team to save time building cloud-enabled applications, even when disconnected from Azure, and manage customer data while adhering to regulations on data location and accessibility. Cisco’s infrastructure leverages the key automation benefits of the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) with leading Cisco Nexus® networking and data security technology, while ensuring an industry-leading performing design to meet your future hybrid-cloud growth requirements.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Consistent set of APIs: empower app developers and administrators on-prem and in the cloud
  • Assisting with regulatory limits: on data location to ensure GDPR regulations can be adhered to
  • Data Sovereignty: ensuring sensitive data stays where company policy dictates
  • Cloud-enabling legacy applications: access on-prem services through cloud services on-prem
  • Connectivity Issues: Latency


  • Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Cisco UCS
  • Cisco Nexus