• Scalable Cloud ZFS based Storage Solution


ZFS based Storage Solution with Toshiba Enterprise Hard Disks and SSDs. Toshiba has provided its Show-and-Reference Server as a central Storage Controller, with the Company’s high-end SAS Enterprise SSD (PX05S series) providing read-cache and write logging. Celestica’s 4U-60 bay high-density Chassis has been connected via Microsemi’s Series 1000 Host Bus Adapter or Series 8 Raid Adapters in HBA-mode, and equipped with 60 Toshiba 4TB SAS Enterprise Capacity Hard Disk Drives (MG04S Series).

Customer values/problems solved

  • High Performance, high Capacity Petabyte Scalable Storage Solution for Enterprise Software-definedstorage (SDS) Environments, for Enterprise and Cloud Service Providers
  • With High-Availability (HA) Storage Options
  • Provided as iSCSI Storage Targets available for all PoC Activities in The Technology Experience Lab with virtually unlimited Storage Capacity


  • Toshiba Enterprise Performance HDD
  • Toshiba Enterprise SAS SSD
  • Open-E JovianDSS Data Storage Software
  • Celestica NVMe Dual Skylake CPU Server
  • Celestica 60 Bay JBOD
  • Promise 12 Bay JBOD
  • Microsemi Series 1000 HBA / Series 8 Controller