• Securing access points with Blockchain Technology and IoT Hardware


Data centres are divided into multiple rooms and areas of varying security levels. Entry to these different areas is often restricted according to role, position and permission. The task of security experts working at these data centers is to create a complete security concept that allows all users to work together harmoniously with minimal bureaucratic processes and administrative overhead. FATH Mechatronics and peaq we have developed an innovative solution that will take data centre security standards to unprecedented heights. The solution combines FATH Mechatronics TANlock with peaq’s access control system which stores and processes all access data in peaq’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), also known as a blockchain.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Reducing the administrative overhead of managing access through enabling the integration of all kinds of access points being managed from one place
  • Eliminates the threat of hidden access grants - significantly reducing the overall threat of being compromised.
  • Providing an audit-proof record of the entire access and access management history making audit processes instantaneous
  • Multi-factor authentication including methods such as Mobile Phone, Hand Vein Scanners, RFID readers and Fingerprint Scanners


  • FATH Mechatronic‘s TANlock
  • peaq Distributed Ledeger Technology
  • peaq access control