• Service Provider Security: Defending against volumetric DDoS attacks


Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are an increasing threat, growing in volume, frequency, and sophistication. Out-of-Path DDoS detection based on flow data is a proven, effective, and scalable method to protect against volumetric DDoS attacks. In case of attack, Flowmon's DDoS Defender injects a BGP route to the protected destination causing the router to send it through A10 Thunder TPS for further analysis and protection. Scrubbing device has visibility up to the application level and is capable of protecting from contrived attacks targeting L4 up to L7.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Ability to simulate various DDoS attacks in an isolated and safe environment
  • Effectively mitigating against volumetric DDoS attacks
  • Option to discard attack traffic (blackholing)
  • Option to send traffic to scrubbing device for enhanced security
  • Graphically illustrating network traffic flows before, during, and after a DDoS attack


  • Flowmon NetFlow Collector
  • Flowmon DDoS Defender
  • A10 Thunder TPS
  • Ixia IxNetwork, Ixia Breaking Point
  • Dimension Data VCCAP / ETSI NFV